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Let's enjoy the freshness and beauty of nature...............


         Palkulamedu is one of the highest peaks in idukki. Palkulamedu is a hill station located 1200m above sea level which offers beautiful view of nearby towns . It is about 13 km from Idukki .It will pleases the eyes with the greenery all around and offers breathtaking view of the surrounding area from such a height.

      A small fresh water pool at the top of the hill adds up another jewel to the enchanting beauty. Palkulamedu is one of the most Ideal trekking locations in Idukki. It is an ideal destination for adventure makers and trekkers. The beauty of Palkulamedu is indescribable and it offers the perfect ambiance of the nature. The view of Periyar valley from the peak is admirable.Travellers can reach Palkulamedu from Churali , a small town just 8 Km away from Cheruthony on Adimali route.

Best time to visit Palkulamedu is after monsoon season.

Palkulamedu Attractions: Cool climate with beautiful nature.

Nearest Cities: Idukki

Nearest Tourist Places: Idukki