Please Note:   High range roads are not like highways so please drive carefully. Enjoy   your driving through high range roads, not celebrate. Please don’t mix drink with drive.

These places are not a dust bin for putting all waste. Please protect our nature...

Nearest Airport: Cochin

Nearest Railway stations : Aluva , Ernakulam, Kottayam

Approximate Distance:

Cochin-Munnar 110km

Idukki-Munnar 58km

Thekkady-Munnar 90km

Thekkady-Vagamon 49km

Thekkady-Idukki 55km

Vagamon- Thekkady 49km

Vagamon-Idukki 65km

Vagamon- Thodupuzha 42km

Marayoor-Munnar 40km

Ramakkalmedu-Vagamon 65km

Ramakkalmedu-Thekkady 38km

Ramakkalmedu-Idukki 45km

Ilaveezhapoonchira-Thodupuzha 22km

Ilaveezhapoonchira- Kottayam 55km

Ilaveezhapoonchira-Vagamon  40km

Kulamavu-Thodupuzha 36km

Kulamavu-Idukki 26km

Kolahalamedu-Vagamon 5km

Panchalimedu-Parunthumpara 26km

Panchalimedu-Vagamon 40km

Panchalimedu-Kuttikanam 14km

Parunthumpara-Thekkady 30km

Parunthumpara-Ramakkalmedu 62km

Parunthumpara-vagamon 33km

Thommankuthu-Thodupuzha 18km

Thommankuthu-Idukki- 54km

Thodupuzha-Idukki 55km

Idukki-Munnar 58km

Palkulamedu-Idukki 12km

Best time to Visit Idukki ?

             Normally best time to visit all these locations are from September to February. But our suggestion is, there is no such time frame for enjoying the beauty of nature, its fully depends on you. If you wants to enjoy the beauty of Monsoon and likes to have a walk on drizzling rain and mist then visit at monsoon season. During monsoon all these places became fully covered by mist so long view is not possible but its gives u a cool feeling...

Plan your trip- Best Tour Routes

     All these places are good enough for a one-day trip or for a stay. Some good routes are bellow. 


1:  Munnar

2:  Munnar-Thekkady

3:  Vagamon-Kolahalamedu-Ramakkalmedu

4:  Vagamon-Kolahalamedu-Ramakkalmedu-Thekkady

5:  Vagamon-Ilavezhapponchira

6:  Vagamon-Parunthumpara-Thekkady

7:  Kulamavu-Nadukani-Palkulamedu-Kalvari Mount

8:  Munnar-Palkulamedu

9:  Thommankuth waterfalls-Kulamavu-Nadukani

10: Thommankuth waterfalls-Palkulamedu

11: Ilavezhapunchira-Vagamon-Panchalimedu

12: Panchalimedu-Parunthumpara-Vagamon

13: Idukki Dam (Visitors allowed only in X’mas- New year and Onam season)

14: Parunthumpara-Kalvari mount-Palkulamedu